25 Blogging Tips for a Beginner

Blogging is a very interesting career option. Making money by blogging takes some time but, it has seamless earning opportunity. You don’t need hard work in blogging if you go by smart work. There are some blogger who produce monthly 2 to 4 article and makes very much from their website. At a same time you will find many bloggers who posts almost every day but still struggles to get enough earning. In this article I will explain about basic steps for a new blogger. so without wasting any time let’s get started.  

Step – 1 Buy Domain & Hosting

Register a domain name with GoDaddy and buy shared hosting. If you don’t know about this primary steps then you can log on to YouTube and make a search how to buy Domain. Then after search for Hosting Plan buy process. You also can start with a free blog on Blogger but if are serious about blogging then you must go for self hosted domain and privet Hosting.

Step -2 Connect Your Hosting & Install Theme  

your second job will be to connect your domain with hosting. Then you should install WordPress software on your website, Which is available absolutely free.

Step –3 Create Important Pages

in this step you have to customize your blog theme. Set up header menu, Create Site Map, Privacy Policy page, about us Page, Subscriber Setup, Contact form, Etc. also you Can install Yoast SEC Plugin for batter SEO.

Step – 4 Select your Interest Niche  

in this very Important step you should choose your interest base niche. Do not hurry in choosing this thing, go for such niche in which you can produce long length & regular content.

Step – 5 Make a Time Table (Schedule)

now it’s time to prepare a schedule for publishing your content. Publishing regular content is very much important. Regular content publishing blogs receive much greater traffic.

Step – 6 Research & Create Fresh Content  

In this step now you should start writing fresh content. you can read & go through some published articles on the internet, this will grow your knowledge. Remember that you must produce original content. it doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make, perfection will come with experience but, originality is the key to success.

Step – 7 Start Free Promotion

creating & publishing articles is only the half job done. Now it’s time to promote your written content. when you are a start up blogger you can use free resources, Like sharing on whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram & at other social media sites. Plus you should ask readers opinion / Review. It will make your writing skills batter.   

Step – 8 Submit your Blog In Directories  

Now you are a basic class blogger. it is tame to submit your blog in public directories. This is very important step in order to get big traffic. Blog directories can send huge traffic to your blog. if you don’t have Idea about submitting a blog in Directories you can watch videos on YouTube for it.

Step – 9 Be active in Responding comment & Mail

when you start getting attention, people start reading your content & asking question. Now it’s time to be pro active. Active bloggers always gets more traffic. so you must replay comments, take some time and be active on social media. This tactics will increase your blog traffic for sure. 

Step – 10 Setup a Mail Subscription Widget

Call to action is an amazing Tool. When you publish content you must invite your readers who came previously on your blog. now if you want to re target / Invite your readers again then you must create Mail subscriber list. It will send Mail invitation to your reader. Trust me you will get 40% Plus more traffic if you use Mail Marketing effectively. so Just Use Feedburner (Free) or Mailchimp, or awaber.  

Step – 11 Monetize your Content

Now it’s time to think about making money from your hard work. you can make money by monetizing your blog with some popular ad network Like Google adsense, Media dot net, Infolink or you also can sell affiliate products on your blog. These are the most popular way of making money on blog website. You must see YouTube Videos or read blog before applying for Adsense. it will increase your chances of approval. 

Step – 13 Start placing Good quality backlinks

In this step you have to create good quality balk links. Do follow backlinks can give you big traffic, find your niche blogs and start placing valuable comments. Do not spam comments write originally otherwise you will never get approval from high quality blogs.

Step – 14 Review your blog and ask for opinion

now it is time to self review. You should analyze readers Suggestion and thoughts. You also can ask your blogger friends to review your blog. make necessary changes and improve your blog quality.  

Step – 15 Correct your Blog SEO

Organic Traffic is the lifeline of any blog. You must review your blog for Batter SEO. Just take a look some high rank blog post by searching keywords in Google Search. You will find why they are Ranking on top of the search results. Prepare your content according to their style and you will get amazing results.

Step – 16 Keyword Research Planning

now it is time to research popular keywords. You can find most popular search terms with the help of google keyword planner. If you have good budget then you also can go for Shemrush, Or any other professional Keyword finding services.

Step – 17 Avoid Black Hat SEO Tricks

Make sure you following White SEO Tricks, if you try to cheat Search engine, by stuffing keyword or choosing wrong keywords or repeating same content then, your blog will be ignored by search engine. Create content for readers. Your audience will only re-visit & share your content if they find your stuff worthy.

Step – 18 do not break trust of your readers  

providing true and explained information will create trust relation between you and your audience. some blogger puts falls heading with non related content just for getting high traffic. this kind of cheating will not work for a long time. Your visitor will not re-visit if you bleach their trust.

Step – 19 Find best selling content & expand it

analyze your audience behavior. Find out your best selling keywords and content. Explore and expand that topic. It proves that you are good in that particular topic. You an attach Google analytics code in your website widget and analyze your visitors.

Step – 20 Get rid of your website faults  

now it is time to see what you have achieved in this tree week effort. Take a pen and a paper make a list of your quires & questions. When you are a new blogger you will face lot’s of problems like low traffic, slow loading pages, article index issue, high bounce rate, ads not showing etc. now join blogging forums and start asking questions about your blogging issue. There are countless blogging forums available on the internet.

Step – 21 Offer a guest post with backlink  

make a guest post on popular blogs. High quality same niche blogs can give you huge traffic. plus it will increase blog value in search engine rank. Backlinking & Internal Linking are the most useful factor in SEO. Make sure you are working on both of them.

Step – 22 Visitor point of view  

Take a look as a visitor on your blog. Your content should be informative, point to point and interesting. Keep your blog design knit-clean. Make easily visible your high traffic & popular articles.

Step – 23 Share your Blogging Journey

Create a post describing your blogging journey. Remember that people loves reading success stores and personal experiences of other people. This trick will give you access traffic & it will also give you name & fame in the blogging world.

Step – 24 grab Current hot topics  

Write more on current events & common issues. Search what people looking to read about. For example I am writing this article on blogging because I made a research that many people try to find way of successful blogging tips. That is the main reason why I decided to write blogging tips here.

Step – 25 Repair your old content

Now it is time to review your old articles. If you read your previously posted article then you will find many mistakes like, falls grammar, misplace words, long paragraphs, etc. just repair those things because, new readers doesn’t care when you made those post. if you repair your old articles you will see the good effect very quickly. People will start sharing your valuable content. The traffic will get increase & more Visitors means more Money.

Happy Blogging - Conclusion –

Friends, Blogging is nice when you do it with heart. Perfection is not a big matter; it will come with hard-work. if you planning to become a blogger make sure you are not thinking of short term money making. You don’t need to post daily. Four to Seven articles a month is enough if you provide pure knowledge & solid quality. Keyword Planning, Mail Marketing, SEO, Backlink etc… things you will learn automatically. I want you to keep one thing very clear in your mind “Blogging takes time & Effort” Success is guaranty if you post regular high quality content. Best wishes.                                        

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