5 Top Smartphone Hacks 2018

In the modern Era, Smartphone becomes Lifeline of our Lifestyle. We also use Internet for various requirements. In this short article we will tell you 5 small Tricks you will love to do on your smart phone. Currently we are living in android revolution. Android is the most popular and common Operating system that is being used in mostly smart phone. This amazing application system was created by Google. Now let’s learn Top 5 Smartphone Hacks Trick of 2018.

5  Top Smartphone Trick Hacks

(1) Taking a Screenshot in Android Phone

This is a very common fetcher in any smart phone.        Still many people don’t know that how to take a screenshot of android phone. Well, you can find this fetcher from your mobile header notification expedition area or you can also perform this easy task by pressing switch off key and volume increase or decrees key together.
If your Notification Bar not working properly and still you want to take a screenshot of your android phone you need to try power off + volume down key press. These are the two ways of taking screenshot. You can find taken screenshot under your storage gallery or by default storage folder.

(2) Restart android Smartphone Phone Trick

If you are using Modern android Smartphone you will get inbuilt battery Smartphone. In this kind of phone you can’t remove your mobile battery easily. Sometime our phone get hang or runs slow due to highly usage of memory, or for any other reason. In the past days : Normally we used to remove our phone battery and reload it and start the phone again. But what if your battery is inbuilt, let’s learn the trick.
You need to press and hold the power Key, Home key & Volume UP Key (3 Keys Together). By doing this your android phone will get restart. And it will run faster.

(3) Delete Data N Format android Smartphone

When we use our Smartphone we install countless applications, games, software, data files, audio, video etc. in this timely process our phone receives some unlikely unwanted virus or junk files, this kind of crappy data can be a reason for Smartphone Crash down. in this critical situation there is only one way to recover and that is Delete everything that filled in your android Smartphone.
Formatting a Smartphone is very easy. This task can be done by visiting settings of your Smartphone. But you also complete this task by some special code. You can formate your android Smartphone In two Different ways. Let’s discuss both the ways
1 Factory Reset = if you wish to make a Factory reset, simply you need to press (dial) *#*#7780*#*# from your android Smartphone Keypad. This action will delete and undo all the artificial settings plus applications which was installed in your mobile phone. In this process your phone’s internal and External storage data will stay safe.
2 Hard Reset =In this process you will lose everything, means all data, Which includes Internal as well as External data. Before performing this major task you must backup or copy your important phone data, because you will never get your delete data backup after Hard Reset. In order to perform this task you need to dial *code*2767*3855#

(4) End the Call from Power Key Trick

Sometime we irritate by Smartphone Sensor. In spite of pressing it it won’t work properly. Sometime this issue can occur when your phone get’s hang. There is a simple solution for this problem.
Process – Open your phone settings then go to accessories now Power Button Ends and this fetcher will start take effect. Remember this settings comes “Turn Off” By default. So you need to turn it on and your problem solved.

(5) Android Phone Stolen

If your phone get’s lost or stolen, you need to disable your phone, so thief can’t use your sensitive data like mobile numbers, bank details, or any other personal data. First of all you should check serial number of your android Smartphone. In-order to perform this task you need to press *#06# as soon as you press this numbers you will get 15 digit number on your phone’s screen. Note this valuable serial number at a safe place. And if in the future, your phone gets stolen you can give this number to your service provider. Then it will block your handset.

Final words On Android Smartphone Tricks

If you want your Android Smart Phone run smoothly and safe, uninstall useless applications. Use junk cleaning application. Avoid installation from unknown sources. Additionally we advice that do not call while your battery is charged under 10% plus avoid calling while charging is plugged in. set password to your keypad. Don’t save sensitive information in your Smartphone. Avoid overuse of a cell phone. Cut the call if your phones battery is heating UP. do not make a call from hot area like near gas stove or Fire. Be safe. Live Happy. Good luck.
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