Affiliate Marketing IMP Tips

There are two major ways of making online money. You can monetize your website with some ad network or you can sell product of any company via affiliate marketing.

You also can use both the method at a same time. Here in this short article I will explain & mention Important Things that you should keep in the mind before joining any affiliate marketing.

Let me tell you what is affiliate marketing ‘it is a kind of work in which you can promote some company’s product online with the clickable banner or link. when a user buys something via that (your) affiliate link, you earns some commission from the vendor of that particular product’. Now let’s go through some Important Tips for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Program IMP Tips

Payment - Money is the major Element in any business. We all make effort in order to make our life easy and happy. same thing applies here in affiliate business. Before you join an affiliate network you should read the term & condition for payment Threshold Rules. Every affiliate marketing company has their own Minimum payout Threshold. Normally Companies sets $50 Dollar or $100 Dollar as Minimum Payout.  

Payout Method – Currently there are many ways that you can receive your affiliate earning online. Paypal, Payoneer, Cheque, Direct Bank Deposit, Etc… You must Choose your preferred Payment method before starting work as a affiliate marketer.

Research – Think twice before Trusting & start working with any affiliate network product / company. Just Google That product’s review then take a decision working on it. if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer then do not go for higher commission, target trustworthy product. normally marketers try to grab more commission, works harder for promotion and finally ended up with No payment received. You can find Trusted affiliate companies list below.

Our Tasted Affiliate Companies List        

·        Click Bank
·        Commission Junction
·        Impact Radius
·        ShareASale
·        Amazon Associates
·        Flipcart Affiliate
·        Alibaba Affiliates
·        eBay Partner Network
·        iTunes Affiliates
·        vCommision
·        Affiliate Window
·        Avangate
·        Rakuten

Advantage – Affiliate marketing is full of advantage, if you work in this field regularly. This system takes some time but when it starts working you cannot believe the Surprise success. 

The biggest benefit of this work is that affiliate marketers allow long time cookie length, Means if you shared a link today and if anyone buys a product from that link after 30 days, still you earn commission. How cool is that. 

Another benefit is that some affiliate companies offer any product sell and get commission. 

For Example : 

If I shared T-shirt Link on social Network. My visitor (The guy who clicked my link & buy) Bought Television via that shared link, then I can get a commission on that television.

Extra Tips for Smart Affiliate work   

1.       Choose Use and throw product for quick Earning.
2.       Research before choosing a affiliate product.
3.       Do not spam Social Media with affiliate Link.
4.       Ask for permission before sharing Affiliate Links In Groups & Pages.
5.       Shorten Your Links Before sharing It. (Tinyurl)
6.       Create a blog or Make YouTube Channel for Quick Affiliate Results.
7.       Enjoy The Success.

Final words on Affiliate Marketing     

If you willing to work online, If you want to work without investment, then this is the business that is perfect for you. I am not saying that affiliate marketing can make you overnight Milliner but you can make Handsome cash for sure.    
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