Affiliate work Basic Information 4 Beginners

Making Money from affiliate work is not so easy. You need to put some serious effort inn, If you want to make Money from this business. I know you want to make money from Flipcart But I suggest You to Be a Amazone Associate.

Being an affiliate marketer you need to Log on to Flipcart affiliate website and register an account with your personal Details. If you wish to Join Amazon then you can Visit Amazon Associate Website and Register over there.
Before Step in to this business you must learn The promotion work. Read some Affiliate Marketing articles. Learn using Google adword, Facebook ads, Instagram ad Marketing. Then Join Niche Related Groups. Take permission from Group and Page Admin. (so you can spread Your Business Affiliate Link). if you wish to gain more Info about affiliate work then you can visit IMP Affiliate TIPS Article. You will Find all your answers on this article.

Prepration for Starting Affiliate work

1.    Possible Max Social Sharing User Accounts.
2.   Bank account with online Money sending & Receiving Facility.
3.   YouTube Channel or Website (Blog), Or Facebook Fan Page.
4.   Mail ID, Working Mobile Number.
5.   Some Cash for Paid Promotion on Instagram, Adword, Facebook Ad. Etc.
6.   Landing Page.
7.    Bulk Mail Sending Software.

Final Words On Affiliate marketing -

Many people Making Thousands of Dollar by working on affiliate marketing. if they can you also can. but remember that this work is not for quick cash. you need to invest your time & money in it. if you do not have up front money for investment then also you can start this work with free resources. Good Luck.

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