Alert: Mouthshut dot com website scammed me

Hello Friends, I am a full time blogger. I have tried several Online money making programs in the past 10 years. 2 years ago I heard about website. This website holds alexa rank 16000 in the world and 1800 in india. It means this website should be legit. Let me tell you guys this website is a huge scam. They invite people for writing reviews on different products. They pays (never paid me) 30 points on a negative review and 20 points on a positive review. They pays MS points 1 Ms point = 1 RS.

Rules of Mouthshut website

Minimum Payout rules are 500 MS points. Means if you earn 500RS then you are eligible for payout. In my case I earned 1500 MS points. Means I should be paid by them. Now my case is 6 month old. I am keep asking for my due payment. The mouth shut scammers keep telling me to pay in next payout. Whenever I sent mail, they keep giving me fake promises.
I am writing this article so other people can be saved from mouthshut website scam. These bunch of scammers do not pays according to my personal experience. But when I studied Youtube and Internet, I got some got payment content. according to them Mouthshut paid them after 3 month. Now this trick is for holding trust of users. They don’t want to pay but they need fresh content, that is why they pays random payout.

Final take on mouthshut

This people are white color scammers, they are like blood drinking mosquitoes, do not trust them, if you are looking for regular income from mouthshut then forget about it. you will not get anything from them. I fulfilled all requirement of mouthshut, I also sent mails and complaints but no result. Be aware of this thieves, do not write for them. I hope some days they will meet makers and pay for their sins.
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