Bidvertiser Ad Network Full Tutorial 2018

Normally Blogger Depends on Google Adsense for Making Money. If anyone wish to make money from alter Ad Network then Bidvertiser Is very Useful Network. In this short article we will Learn How to make Money Online By Placing Banner, Link, Video Etc… Ads of Bidvertiser Advertise Network. 

The best part of this Ad network is That you can get Instant approval for your blog. This company is very old and trusted one. Bidvertiser Provides High CPC ads for The bloggers.

What Is Bidvertiser ?

This is nothing but an well reputed ad serving Company that provides advertising to their publishers and accepts ads from advertisers. Company charges some percentages Of ad Revenue for their management & handling service. 

Here if you do not know that what is Advertisers then let me tell you the definition of an advertiser “Advertiser is the party which comes to Advertising Company (Here Bidvertiser) for promote their product”  

This advertising company Bidvertiser was launched in year 2003. It can be said that Bidvertiser has good enough Experience In this field. If you have not being able to get Adsense approval or you are not making Enough Earning from adsense then you must try this attractive advertising network.

How Bidvertiser Works ?

This company works as a middle Link as we said in the above paragraph. Company’s first priority is to take care of their Advertisers. Currently Online Ad Industry facing Lot’s of Critical Issues Like fraud clicks, Group work scam, Invalid Click activity. 

In short Companies Like Bidvertiser works on a system where they provide Ads to their Publishers with some rules & regulation. They keep Track & analyze Impression Data, Click through Rate, Traffic Source & other Important data through their Monitoring system. and when publishers reaches payout threshold, company send their earning via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer to the publisher account.

Bidvertiser Account requirements    

1.  You must need an E-mail account. Before creating a Bidvertiser advertising User account.

2.   After that you have to create a PayPal account where you can receive your earned Money.

3.    You Need a Blog or a website where you can place Bidvertiser Ad Code, and Get some Visitor Traffic.

4.   After preparing all these necessary Things, you can Log On to Bidvertiser’s official website & apply for an advertising Publisher account & start showing ads on your website / Blog.

5.       Here is the Link for Official website of Bidvertiser ad Network Click Here

Read Before Applying on Bidvertiser site

·         If you are Using any other advertise network then read Privacy Policy of both the ad network site.

·         Make sure you put ad unit where you are getting enough visitor traffic.
·         Do not put more then 3 to 5 ads on a single post.

·         Make sure you have published original or copyright free content on your website blog.

·        These ad programs are not for self click or group fraud work. You should publish regular content & try to gain organic traffic on your blog.

·  Java Enable Ads can slow down or corrupt your website. Read the instruction before applying ad unit codes.

·         Overflow of ads can harm visitor user Experience of your website.

Final words on Bidvertiser

If you have approved account of Google adsense then you don’t need to go to any other lucrative ad network. But if you are suffering from google adsense then this is the second best trusted advertising network on the Internet. if you have any other question about Bidvertiser Network then feel free to join the comment section. Best wishes for blogging.  
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