Google Adsense Account Still shows Pending Review

This is the most common question. I would like to share here my own experience. I was using Google Adsense since last 3 years. But some days ago suddenly I decided to shut down my running adsense account. Let me tell you this was the biggest mistake done by me. The actual reason of shutting down account was low income. Now after that I was focused on working on admob. I was happily working with apps. but when I see that my admob account was also closed by closing Google adsense. It was hart breaking. Now I decided to re-open my adsense account. I just reapply for adsense with the same mail ID.

Google Adsese

Now, when I made this huge mistake, I was expecting 494$ from Admob. But My adsense was under review that is why Google did not paid me my March month earning on April 21st 2018. I was helpless because there was no support. I Try to get help from Google forum. Some of them told me that I will never get my pending money from google. Some said that I will get my pending cash after 3 month. Now it is tottaly up on google what they decide. Currently my future is in the mid air. I don’t know what will happen to my current adsense account. I can’t create new account because my current account is under review. I can’t publish video, I cant publish article I can’t creat app.
In short my whole earning source is blocked. I know my situation is quite critical but still I am hopeful, that some days google will look at my matter and reopen my pending account. If any specialist of google adsense are reading my article, please give your input or guide me. I will be grateful to you. Thanks.
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