High Quality YouTube Video Making Tips

Friends If you have one YouTube Video Channel And You love to Make Videos then this is the article for you. In this short article I will tell you about Necessary Equipment and Gadgets for YouTube Video Making.
Why Video Quality Matters In YouTube?
This is very simple question to answer. Whenever we search for a specific details, we need exact and true information. But if we can’t understand the voice of we can’t understand the Visual Instruction, then The video is useless. People will not share low quality videos, therefore we must create high quality videos.

List of Useful Equipment for Creating High quality YouTube Videos

MIC – For Audio Recording

Video Visual becomes more effective when Sound is crystal clear. You can Conway batter Information by delivering quality sound. Now Buying professional MIC is quite Expensive, But still you can find useful Cheep Price MIC from amazone or E bay online store. We suggest you to buy Boya By M1 MIC this will cost you around 1500 INR to 2000 INR means $ 25 to $ 30 USD approximate. If you have bit higer Budget then you can go for Snowball ICE MIC this product I personally using and very satisfied with it. it will cost around $ 100 to $ 150 USD.


The quality video needs good and bright lightning. If you are recording your video inside a room then it becomes more important to have good quality lights. You can use CLF Lights for Lighting your content. this lights are available in local markets. It is very cheap in price and very easy to setup.


This is the main Equipment of Video making. Some people use their high quality Mobile for video making, but if you are serious about Youtube Video posting then you must go for a professional Digital Camera. If you are a beginner then do not spend money on Digital camera, just start with your smart phone and when you start making money from your videos then go for high quality Digital Camera. You can buy any Digital Camera which is 15000 to 2000 INR ($300 to $500 USD).


Recording Video is not enough, you must edit that video before publish it. as a beginner you can start with Windows Movie Maker, or filmora or sony wegas Pro, Camtasia, Final Cut Pro but after that you can go for a paid software. You also need a Background Voice removal software, this software you can get for free, and it’s name is Audacity.

Background Music

This is very simple But Important part of video making. Adding background music can be done via Video Editing software. You must take free to use Music or buy rights for that particular content. otherwise you may face some legal problem. You can search for free to use music on the internet for it. or you can buy royalty stuff.

MIC & Camera Stand

You can Buy small, Large or medium Tri pod from amazone or E bay, it will cost you around $ 10 to $ 25 (600 INR to 1500 INR) depending on quality and material of the product.

Final Words on YouTube Video Making

If you love Light Camera & action then this is the work for you. Currently there are lots of competition on the internet because of massive data price reduce. You will not get instant result from this business. But if you keep doing this video publishing work, you defiantly can be successful some days. There are many YouTube Video publishers who Making thousands of Dollar by publishing videos on YouTube. Wish you all the best for Video Making. If you Have any additional Details on Video Making Then Feel Free To discuss it on comment section. Thanks for Reading The article.
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