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How to use Bluetooth on your PC | Computer

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless connection that many device use to communicate with a laptop or computer. If you can’t see your Bluetooth icon on your computer screen then you need to troubleshoot that issue.
First of all you must see that the device is turned on. Keep the device near your computer. Do not keep it extremely close but keep it in the range. Turn off and turn on the device as well as your computer for get rid of small issue. Make sure your device Bluetooth is identified by your computer. Buy best quality Bluetooth Here 

Bluetooth enable settings Steps  

   1.    Make a click on Start & go to Control panel
   2.   Now Look for The Search Box and type Bluetooth
   3.   Now click on Change Bluetooth Settings.    
   4.   Now click on the Options
   5.   Now select the allow Bluetooth device to connect to this computer.  
   6.   At the end press The OK Button.

Remove and Reinstall Bluetooth Device Steps

   1.    Go to start option
   2.   Click on the Control Panel
   3.   Now click on the Hardware & Sound
   4.   Then select Device & Printers
   5.   Here you need to click on remove device.
   6.   Press Yes.
   7.    Now just press add a device
   8.   Make it discoverable.
   9.   Follow the rest steps easily & carefully.
   10.                Finally you will be asked to pair a code in your device & Laptop.

How to speedup Bluetooth Internet Connection

Keep your Bluetooth device in the range. Keep your device in the same room / place. Turn off other Bluetooth device that is in the range. Also shut down other fetchers as Bluetooth camera, Printers, keep the device that catches or works on radio signals like remote control, cordless phones, etc. these kind of stuffs can break or slowdown Internet signals.
Note- if you can’t find the paring code for the device than you should look on the device cover bottom area where the code should be written. Alternatively you can also create your own code; if you go with this option then you don’t need to find printed code.    

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