Internet scammers worst nightmare Alert

Internet scammers’ worst nightmare is the subject of this tiny article. Internet Scammers are terrible “Believe Me” Internet Made our Lives Easy and joyful. At a same time it has some Threats & Back draws also. Some days ago my close friend received an phone call, The other side of the phone there was some bank employee Talking about approved loan.

My friend told him that he didn’t apply for any loan. In another case some days ago I received a SMS about winning 3 Million Dollars. “Without Buying a Lottery Ticket”, How funny is that. When I contact back them, they demand my Bank details and address proof. There are different kind of ways in which Scammers Smartly robs Internet users. Let’s take a look at Scammers Trick List.

How Scammers Robs

·        Recovery Agent
·        Direct Factory Sell
·        Loan Provider
·        Different Service Provider
·        Online Solution
·        Online Dating
·        Lottery win
·        Property Transfer

Scammers Works constant and Innovates very rapidly. Above you can see some of most popular tactics that scammers use. If you get a phone call or a MSG or a mail for Unexpected Beneficial things then be alert. There is nothing comes free in this world. You can get In trouble Easily of you share your Bank details or Personal Details Online.

Remember that Internet scammers know your weak points. Generally people look for a job or easy Cash Loans. This kinds of people use your Emotions and bluffs you easily. 

Tips for Being Safe form Internet scammers

1.    Do not buy products from Unknown website or online stores.
2.   Never share your Bank Details Online via Social media website.
3.   Do not pay any kind of advance fees or deposit for withdrawing your Lottery winning amount.
4.   Never use Un-authorize application for banking or sensitive Information sharing.
5.   Always logout from your bank website after making transaction. Clear The app / web data & history of the web browser.
6.   Do not make friends who are involved in hacking or cracking activity. They also can rob you anytime.  
7.    Contact Cyber Cell or police department if you lost your ATM or any kind of Digital Data. Block your accounts & cards Immediately before Getting Robed.
8.   If someone Hack or steal Your Money online, Share your case with everyone, so people can be alert.
9.   Do not get panic if you get a call from Scammers, Just Cut of the phone, avoid Replaying or Contact Legal authority.        

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