Make $ 500 Dollar a day promote Clickbank Products

Making online money is very easy. You must apply right trick, if you want to make money. Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make online money. In this short article I will explain how to make money from Clickbank products. Now there are two ways to get traffic to your product. One is paid traffic. another is a free traffic. if you have some money in the bank then you can surely spend on marketing and get some cool results, but if you can’t invest upfront then you must go for a free traffic. now let’s learn how to get free traffic on your product page and generate a great sale.

Step1 – Prepare your gears

If you are willing to work hard and aim to make some regular income online, then you must have one working computer or a laptop with high speed internet connection. Keep A dairy, Pen, Mobile etc… common things near-by you. Make a professional looking E-mail account for communication purpose.   

Step2 – Social Media Accounts

Now in the second step you have to create or be active on your social media accounts. Remember keeping yourself connect with friends and family and operating your business social media circle is tow different things. Your business social account should look more professional. You must publish posts only related your business. Also you have to respond each and every query or question that comes on your business social account Via E-mail or Personal Massage.

Step3 - Make a mindset   

In the previous two steps, you made basic preparation. Now it is time to decide what you want to sell. Means you have decide your niche. For example here we are going to talk about clickbank product promotion. So let’s say that you decided to sell Clicknbank health & Fitness products promoting.

Step 4 – Register Account and get your promotion Link

Making a user registration is very easy and common step that anyone can perform. So let’s say that you are now registered Affiliate marketer and you already chosen an attractive product from Clickbank. Remember that clickbank has very simple user interface where a user can study affiliate product and get Marketable product link. Clickbank Product vendors also provide The promotion banner, videos and articles. Let’s say you just copied a weight loss product Link and now you want to promote it, so you can make some affiliate commission.  

Step5 – Effective Promotion Process    

This is the most Easy & Important part of affiliate marketing. Remember that this work takes effort & Time. You cannot become overnight millionaire by doing this work. if you want to get higher & Grater success in this field you must have some patience. Plus you also need to promote your product in front of right people. Let’s sell learn that how and where you can promote your product.

Target This Platforms   

(1)YouTube – This is the biggest video sharing platform in this earth. You can share your product in comment section. where you see tons of views. Find weight loss keyword in the search box of YouTube and you will get High views popular videos. Just post your Affiliate link in the comment section with attractive sentence. Like – This product changed my life or I lose 25 kg in just 1 month etc.

(2)Facebook – This is a number 1 social media website. You will find millions & Millions online users. You can find weight loss groups & Fan pages. You may need to ask for permission before start sharing your affiliate links. There is also one more problem that you can’t share clickbank product directly to users again & again. But there is a solution for it. you can share a Sticker on dashboard of that particular group or page about your experience of weight loss and invite people to your inbox, where you can send your Clickbank Weight Loss affiliate Link.

(3)Instagram – This website owns by Facebook. Basically this is an photo sharing platform. If you create a business account on instagram then you can put your business link / affiliate link in the bio – description or comment section. many online store and affiliate marketers use Instagarm for promotion of their product. you can get unbelievably shocking result by promotion your product on Instagram.

Conclusion on Product Promotion

This business is risk free. That is why it is not easy. If you are ready to spend time then you can get huge success in this business. When you make some free money then you can switch to paid promotion like Google Adword or Facebook ads. The final advice on affiliate business is that grow your social network accounts, target your Niche traffic, start with the free promotion & when you set to go just spend some cash and roll-on. Good Luck for your online Business.         
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