ON Page SEO Full Details

Basically this is a part of SEO. Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. If you are a blogger or a website owner then, you must understand SEO Techs. If you do not work on your website’s SEO properly then you will never get Organic Traffic from Search Engine. Mainly There is Two parts of SEO. 1 ON Page SEO and another is 2 OF Page SEO.  In this short article we will learn about ON Page SEO.

IMP Tips for ON Page SEO

Keyword – If you write a post, you must Use your Keyword smartly. Do not stuff your keyword for batter rank. Make sure you’re using Keyword In your Heading Title. Give a Bold Effect to your Key words In First Paragraph. Use Keyword at start of the Title.

Multi Media – We all know that 1 good Image is = 1000 words. Always Use attractive & Original Images. You can Create or download Images from Canva website or Pixel web. Do not overuse Images. Make sure That you are Using Good Quality Large Images.  

Loading - Slow Running websites are like Dead Duck. If you want huge amount of visitors Daily on your Blog then you must use responsive Theme & SEO Friendly Media. You also can take help of some senior bloggers. Always compress image size. Clean Catch Memory regular. Still If have problem of slow website then avoid Large Video & Images on your website.

Attraction – If you want your possible visitor to click on your link, you must write Eye Catching Title. You can add “Top 3”, “The Best”, “Famous”, full Details. This kind of attractive words.

Go social – If you want to get success very quickly then you must be active on your social sites. Don’t spam on it, but make a sensible use of social websites. You also can get extra visitors by putting a sharing Button on your article.

Detailed Art – keep one thing clear on your mind that Google won’t read your article. The algorithm does this work. if you want your article on top of the search engine then, you must write 1500+ words article. When you write long articles then Google Bots thinks that you knows better & more on that subject that is why you wrote long on it. plus Google also Tracks sharing record. It proves that your content is worthy that is why people sharing it.

Linking – If you want to rank on Google search, You must create Internal Links. You can check some big website for Internal Linking Example. This Trick Gives Link Juice to your old articles. This trick increase page views and more page views means more revenue.

Formatting – Always Use H2, H3, H4 Headings in your article. Create some Italic and Bold Text. Use sub headings for your Keywords. Write 3 to 5 line paragraph. Create a Data List for Your Sub headings & Topics. Create Attractive Thumb Nail. Post Description should be small, Cristal Clear and Informative.  

Conclusion For ON Page SEO

Friends Blogging is not a very Easy Job. It takes a lot out of you. But still if you work regular on writing you can achieve Your Dreams. Work hard Be patience & original. I hope On Page SEO Tips May Help Your Blogging work. If you have any question then feel free to write in comment section. Thanks.  

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