UC NEWS Low Page View Less Earning Issue

There are many Publishers was actively earning from UC news In Year 2017. But Now whole picture is different. Many publishers account got disabled and some of publishers left UC News. I was also making 10000 PM from UC News In year 2017. But now I am not even making 10 $ PM from UC News. When this platform was new, they gave 10 article per day publishing limit, but after that they reduce it to 5 articles per day. Currently UC NEWS allows only two articles per day, and approval process also get harder. All this things indicates that UC News Is the waste of time. And they have nothing to offer to their publishers.

I also made several complaint to support Team, but they sung old recorded song that it depends on your article quality and system algorithm. This tricks just proves that they are just here to take advantage of Publishers, If I Tell you my Own Experience, I am publishing daily 2 articles but not receiving more than 200 visitors per day. Same problem happen with my publisher friends.

 Final Words on UC NEWS

The final Take on this news program is, do not waste your Important time writing for them, they will never Justify your Hard work. another biggest back draw of this program is they UPGRADE their system almost every week. And that is the most irritating part of it. you will never get set on their dashboard backhand. If I tell you my opinion on this platform, I do not see any future of this cheater Plat from.
If you are really serious about making a career in writing then you must go for a blog. create your own blog with Blogger, and then you can jump on Wordpress paid hosting and your own domain. This Scammers Like UC and other third party program can give you glimpse of hope, but cannot give you satiable future. Beware from them, This is my personal Experience and honest opinion.
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