What Is Pen Drive USB Flash Drive

So if you want to know about pen drive then you are at right place. In this short article we will explain full details about pen drive. This small device is extremely useful for transfer data. USB Drive looks like a small pen, you can carry it with your bag or you also can put inside your pocket. Another great benefit of this small device is that, it comes in the vast verity of storage capacity. Some years ago we commonly used floppy disk and CDs or DVDs for storage.

If we compare USB Flash Drive with those gadgets, Then USB is a Clear Winner in order to store more data and faster Transfer speed. The full form of USB is Universal Serial Bus. This portable Flash Drive Normally can be connected with PC / Computers. The computer Motherboard has Inbuilt Female Pot where, we can connect USB Flash drive, another attractive fetcher of this small gadget is that, it doesn’t need any external power supply. In short USB is a Plug and play storage Device. As we mention earlier that, The USB Drive comes with a different storage capacity. It comes from 2GB to 128GB Storage space.

If you have stored your data in a USB Flash Drive, you do not need to worry about data lose or data corruption Problem. This small chip stores Data very safely and for the long time. There are several famous brands makes pen drive / USB flesh drive. SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, I-ball, HP & Sony these are the most famous Brands out of them. 

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How to Use a Pen Drive / USB Flesh Drive

Using a pen drive Is very Easy & safe. Evan a 5 year old kid can use this device. First of all you need to open the lock of your pen drive then, just insert it at USB Female Pot of your Laptop / Desktop Computer. Your pen derive will be active as soon as you insert it in USB pot. Instantly it will start taking power & Data information from USB Chip and Flash a clickable label on your PC screen.

In the next step you can just click on displayed Folder and visit the data files of your USB flesh Drive. Now you are ready to copy, Erase or Move the data files of your Temporary storage Device. Normally Modern Pen drive comes in all the Operating System support, But still we advise you to check the supported Pen drive details before buying any new pen drive.

After finishing your work, you must eject your pen drive properly. You can conclude this process by right clicking the Pen drive Icon which is valuable at the bottom of your PC screen (Right Hand side).  


Important Parts of a pen drive    

1.    Controller, 2 Crystal oscillator, 3 Memory Chips, 4 USB Connector.  

Pen Drive Benefits & Advantages

It can be used as a bootable Medium.
Storage Capacity comes from 1GB to 128GB
It takes power from USB Port (Source Motherboard).
It comes in, normally 1 to 3 MM Thickness.
It comes normally in 3 CM width & 6 CM Height.
Faster Data Transfer is the biggest advantage
The chip can’t be damaged because it stays Inside Body
Small Size and literally no weight is another attractive feather
Data can be storing permanently, this device also called as a secondary storage device.
It doesn’t need any external power supply.  
Price is very cheap & The product is Easily available in the market.

USB Flesh Drive / Pen Drive Disadvantages

1. It has lesser storage capacity then computer / laptop / desktop hard Disks.

2. The device is such small that it can be lost very easily.

3. This is a data transfer device that is why it can be effected with some harmful virus or malware.

4. Pen drive stored data can be damage if the device meets extreme heat or if it gets drown in The water.

5. It can damage USB pot of your computer or pen drive itself, if you Eject or insert it in a hurry.

5. It becomes almost impossible if a pen drive gets infected with a serious Virus problem or any kind of accidental damage.    

USB Flash Drive / Pen Drive Architecture       

This small super cool Gadget consists of a tiny PCB (Printed circuit Board). This PCB is reps around a plastic or a metal body. USB Flesh Drive Builds in EEPROM Technology. The full form of EEPROM is Erasable programmable Read Only Memory. This Technology is extremely high quality & Durable In performance as far as Read, write & Erase Process. The data output is controlled by Crystal Oscillator which has 12 MHz Clock Signals. Due to all this superb quality this marvelous gadget is very popular & in the market. Plus another good thing about this product is that, it comes very cheaply. Price may be very according different company. Normally 2GB to 8GB Pen drive comes in $5 Dollar to $15 Dollar. (INR 250 Rs To INR 950 Rs).   

Special Fetchers of a Pen drive

Easy Transportation – Due to high storage capacity and trustable reputation, students, office workers & business professionals carry & transport data with pen drives.   

Portability – Small dimension & Light weight makes this product very special. It can be carried out anyway without any kind of hassle.  

Back-up – Normally now days, Pen drive comes with Password encryption Facility. So it becomes very easy to store data files like Family Images, Videos or any kind of personal, sensitive data Private & backed up.       

How to choose Best quality Pen Drive

There are many Important Things should be study before buying a pen drive. you must buy well known brand pen drive, Unknown brand pen drives can get damage very easily due to low quality materials. Another thing you should consider is the capacity of a Flash Drive. If you willing to transfer high volume data then do not buy cheap quality low storage space USB drive. after this two Major Points you should check verity of designs and choose your comfort & Liked  design.

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How to care a pen drive

Buying a good quality pen drive is one thing and using and caring it, is another thing. This device can get damage very quickly if you operate roughly with it. Here I would like to mention some safety tips for carrying your Pen Drive.

·        Do not try to open (Repairing purpose)your pen drive.
·        Insert & Eject It Carefully.
·        Stay cram & easy when Pen Loads data.
·        Keep It away from Heat & Water.  
·        Buy a Pouch or bag pack for a pen drive.
·        Avoid coping Unknown data files.
·        Do not format your pen drive Frequently & without taking Backup. 

Conclusion on Pen drive

The device Called Pen Drive / Flesh Drive is very important if you use Computers. These days you also can attach your pen drive with your smart phones via OTG Device. It is very useful data transfer gadget. Pen drive is Very much affordable In price and stylishly small. If you have any other information about pen drive or you have any question about this device then please notify in comment section. Thanks for Reading The article.    
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