Auto Blogging Trend Reality

This article is about auto-blogging work. many people willing to work without giving much effort. If you also have basic knowledge of internet surfing then you can setup auto-blog within couple of hours.

Now to biggest worry in this system is that you can’t monetize auto blog with major advertising networks like Media dot net, or Google adsense.  

If you are a new to blogging world then you may not know the meaning of auto blogging. let me tell you that, this is a kind of system in which you just need to setup a blog, after that you have to make a user account in website called ifttt dot com. Then just log on to some of popular website which gives RSS fids.

Now let’s learn this auto blogging in a easy steps  

Step – Create a Blogger or Wordpress Blog.

Step – 2 make a User account in Ifttt website.

Step – 3 visit some popular website and click on RSS FEED.

Step – 4 choose the feed which you like to fetch from that website.

Step – 5 Suppose if you wish to fetch Tech articles then Fetch Tech Feed (means click on Tech RSS feed then Copy URL).

Step – 6 now you need to connect your blog to Ifttt website. Just follow easy steps and get it done.

Step – 7 after that it is time to create an applet in Ifttt website, For that process just press If+ Icon And select RSS.  

Step – 8 after that you have paste URL & just need to press create a trigger.  

Step – 9 in the next step you have to serch blogger and click that ICON.

Step – 10 now you are ready. Just delete “via <a href="">IFTTT</a>” these words. & remove IFTTT tag from below box.
Step 11 – Now press Create action & then Press Finish. All done.

Final words on Auto blogging

That is all; your newly created applet is ready. Now whenever host site publish any article in tech niche, same time your blog will fetch RSS feed from that post. The bright part of auto-blogging is that you do not have to make any effort in this style.

The dark side of this blogging work is that your blog will never get ranked in search engine. Big advertising network will never approve your blog for a monetization.

Another disadvantage of this work is that you will get only Feed of article, Means that whenever host website publish full article your blog will get an image, title plus some excerpt words that is all.      

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