Facebook Ad Campaign Full Tutorial

In this short article I will explain complete details about Facebook Ad campaign Creation. As you all know that Facebook is one of the biggest Social networking website that connect whole world. That is the reason why people love promotion their online as well as ofline business over facebook. You can get Targeted Traffic, Install Downloads, generate lead, etc. Plus this Advertising network gives you countless facility to re-arrange your campaign. So let’s learn how to create simple yet effective ad campaign in facebook.

Facebook ad campaign Steps

Step 1 – Login To Facebook Account

First of all you need to log in to your own facebook account. Now simply press the dropdown button and make a click on “Create ad” button. You also can go to ad section by pressing ‘manage ads’ if you have already created ad campaign earlier.        

Step 2 – Learn the basic of ad creation

When you go to ad Facebook ad creation for the first time, it will show a brief intro. Then it will show Interactive & dynamic interface. Now if you are a new to this section then you don’t need to worry because you will get “I” button near every option. This option will be helpful to guide you every ware.

Step 3 – Facebook ad Creation Main Page   

Now it is a time to create your first Ad. You will find much option on your main ad creation page. You can choose your preferred ad campaign type from the list.

Step 4 – Ad Campaign Types

You can use this advertising platform for many purposes. If you are running online blog then you can target some special interest traffic. if you are a application developer then you can make a app download campaign. If you are a online seller then you can promote products for conversions. In short you can choose promotion type according yo your requirement.

Step – 5 Create your Ad Style    

In the above step you learn about choosing a campaign type. Now it is time to create Eye-catching advertise. Remember that, you must read Terms of use & privacy policy of Facebook ads before posting a new campaign. If you violate any rules of it you may get banned. For ad creation purpose you can create Video ad, Image ad etc. once you done with your ad creation. Go for the next step.

Step – 6 Finalize ad campaign

Now you have done 2 major steps successfully. One is that you choose campaign type. Second you created your advertise. Now you are all set to choose your audience. Remember that, this is a make or break step. You must select right age group, preferred interest people, and correct advertising zone. For example if you target Football world cup and selling a t-shirt then you must select the people age group who loves to wear T-shirts, watch football & connected with this sport. If you ignore these things then you will never get success from this kind of promotion. At the end you have to fix daily ad spend budget. ($5 to 10$ a day is advisable).  

Step – 7 Review your ad campaign   

Now you learnt successfully ad campaign creation. It is time to submit your ad campaign review. If everything goes well then, your ad campaign will be live within couple of hours. In other circumstances if your campaign get rejected then you will be inform by Facebook with the details of fault & mistakes. You can re-apply your rejected campaign after necessary changes, And if you got approval your ad campaign will be live.

Now it is time to evaluate your campaign. If you spending daily $5 to $10 on Ad campaign then, you must earn $20 to $50 a day. Somehow if your Ad campaign is not working then you must make some useful changes or shut it down and try a new campaign. Find a winning ad campaign & carry it on. This is how you can get success from Facebook Ad System. 
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