Website search Ranking Increase Tricks

In this tiny post you will learn how to rank your website in Google search Engine. There are countless SEO gurus on the internet who claims to be expert but let me tell you none of them can give you desirable result. If you wish to rank higher in Google search then you must understand the basic algorithm of Google search. If you follow these simple 5 tricks then you will get superb results. So without wasting any time let’s get started.   


Remove Duplicate content –

People don’t like same content read again and again. If you have posted dummy content then quickly throw it out from your blog. Remember that Google tracks each and every parts of your website. That is why you should repair this thing as soon as possible.  

Check the speed of your website -  

If you have slow running web pages then forget the success. You must work on your website page loading speed. Remove un-wanted widgets, use small size images, compress media files, always use CDN service. Fast running blog means more page view & more page view means extra ad clicks.  

Broken Links Issue

Fix all the Brocken links as soon as possible. You can use broken link checker for this easy process. Make sure that, all of your website URL is working properly. After doing this step you can verify your broken links by visiting Google Search console. You need to fetch the home page of your website URL as Google. Then after go for Crawl this URL and its direct links option.

No follow Tags & No-Indexing Issue

When you work on your blog / website SEO, Keep in the mind that you don’t need to index your blog’s Tags or category. In order to perform this task you have to visit your blog’s header tag and inside it just add rel=”noindex”. If you are a wordpress blogger then you can fix this issue with the help of Yoast SEO plugin.

Conclusion – So friends here you learn that Basic SEO troubleshoots is very easy. You don’t need to spend your hard work earning to SEO gurus. If you have any query on any of above points you can watch YouTube Videos or read Internet articles. Thanks for Reading This post hope to see you again very soon.             
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