What is android Root | pros n cons

So let’s get started with what is android root? In this short article we will give you brief information about Pros & Cons of android Root. The short answer of this question is that android root is a kind of operating system. it is very common use O/S.

Why O/s required?

Now keep in the mind that O/S (operating system) plays a middle man role between hardware & device. When a user gives command to hardware it requires O/S, then hardware performs necessary task & gives output. Let’s learn android root in details.

What is root?

Android is the most common O/S used in the mobile market. Root word indicates base of something. Now root allows you to reach the base of an android device. If you need to make a change in the device then you must have the permission to access system files.

How to get Admin Rights?

Suppose if you have installed some software in your computer or laptop, now if you make a right click on that software icon you will find option called “run as a administrator”. Now in the same way if you root your mobile then you will get access to your android phones root system files. In this case now you are free to do anything with your android device, you can remove or add device functions according to your needs.

Pros of android root  

(1) You can increase battery strength by performing under-clock.  
If you over-clock the device then you can increase performance of your android device.

(2)Remember that you can’t perform both of above tasks. You can do one of above.

(3)Android root gives facility to install & run some incompatible applications, Means if some high quality apps not running on your app then you can root your mobile and use those apps.    

(4)Rooting your device can give your mobile an attractive look. You can change Icon, notification bar, color, font style and other fetchers in your device.    

(5)You can delete & uninstall system apps. In normal condition system apps cannot be dilatable, but if you have a rooted mobile or you perform a root then you can remove system applications very easily.

(6)Performing root gives you facility of running those apps which can be run only in the rooted android device.

(7)If you are not happy with rooting of your phone then you can change it back to normal. But if you wish to do this process then you must back-up your data with the help of titanium backup application. This application is easily available in Google play store.

Cons of android root    

(1)Warranty expires immediately. If you root your new phone then your device warranty goes null out. You can re-in store device warranty by un-rooting it again In the major cases.

(2)It is impossible to update your root android device. If you wish to update it then you must un-root that device.            

(3)Your phone can get temporary hanged or crash down with permanent damage.

Final words on android root            

So finally you have the basic idea about rooting an android device. You also have an idea about pros & cons of it. Now many of you will ask one question, should we root our phone or not? 

The answer to this question is very simple, if your phone is passing warranty & it is not expensive then you can try root process on it. Android device companies set fetchers & functions according strength of a device. 

If you think you can make it batter then you must open a android device manufacturing company. In short, you are not advised to root your new running android device which is valuable to you. You can root old useless touch screen phone and gain knowledge of rooting. Thanks.        
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