What is YouTube Paid Membership | Benefits

Some Times ago Video Publishing website YouTube Launched an advertising free video providing servicing called “YouTube Red”. Later YouTube changed The brand Name with YouTube Premium. So here in this short article I will explain actually what is This service and how it works.

This service is currently supported in approximately 17 countries. The premium services give The pleasure of advertise free video. you can also enjoy ofline video watching in YouTube Premium. Now let’s take a look at attractive fetchers of Premium YouTube Service. You can buy this service (YouTube Premium) with $ 11.99 Dollar. If you want to have YouTube Music Premium Then you can get it with $ 9.99 Dollars. Remember this plans will coast you every month.   

You will get free entry in YouTube Premium Subscription. You will get fully access in YouTube Movies & Series. Your video will play continue while surfing other applications. It will also run when your device (PC / Computer) screen is Get Blank.

Process of Buying Paid YouTube Membership

Log in to YouTube/premium and use your Google account. Before buying a package you should use Trail pack. When you satisfied with the services, you can move forward buying paid membership of YouTube. Process of buying it is very simple, you need to select a payment method and complete the process given on your screen.

List of Countries where YouTube Paid Membership Is available

Mexico, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, South Korea, Austria.   

Final words on YouTube Premium

To be honest I don’t think that any common internet user needs this kind of services. If you are a music lover or a tech guy & you don’t like advertisement then you can have this kind of luxury service. Currently this service is not available in India so we can’t have this service but I hope it will start soon in India. You can spend your money on YouTube Premium if you have some extra cash otherwise it is just a waste of money in my opinion.          
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