Why new blogger struggles for earning

There are several ways to make money online. The blogging is one of the best way to earn some online cash. Normally you will find countless videos & articles on blogging tutorial. Believe me 99% bloggers can’t even recover domain & hosting expense. Here in this short article I will explain why newbie blogger get fails.

Blogging failure reasons   



Normally new bloggers are not focused on one thing. They just follow what successful blogger does. If you think that you can be successful by just following foot-steps of famous bloggers then it will be your biggest mistake.


Blogging is also a serious business. If you think that I will be successful posting 2 or 3 weekly articles & run my other jobs & business with it, then forget success. You have to work hard & regular otherwise you will never get loyal readers.


Mostly bloggers only depend on ad monetizing. This is wrong. You most use affiliate marketing, digital product sell & other online money making sources, Because ad network can ditch you anytime.


Free is good but not when it comes to make a career. Keep in the mind that there are countless people who wish to take advantage of free products. If you want to get quality service & Good Result then you must go for premium products. I am not saying that free stuff is worthless but my point is premium / paid products can bring you quick success.   


Making articles & publishing is not enough. You must be a good marketer; otherwise you will never get any traffic on your blog. you can go for a paid marketing if you have some cash, otherwise you should use your social media accounts. Find interested people of group & explain your article in brief. You also can share your article link if page or group admin allow it.

Final words for new bloggers   

If you started a blog then it is very good thing. Do not expect quick earning from it, you may struggle in starting. Make a daily post like you are writing a dairy. Give a value to your blog. you will get batter & batter in writing as time goes on. Then compare your blog with some of successful blogs. You will find errors & mistakes. Fix those errors & try not to repeat that mistake. I can guaranty you will be a successful blogger. good luck.     
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