5 top reason your blog is a flop

It doesn’t matter what business you are doing. If you are not in the market your work will never get reorganization. This theory applies in all business. Here we are talking about Blogging. It means our market is internet. There are several reasons for a blog failure. Let’s talk about five major mistakes that many blogger makes and end up with flop blogging carrier. 


Not writing reader friendly content – keep one thing very clear in your mind that you must write reader friendly content. Now the question occurs that what is the reader friendly content. The answer is very simple. Provide Index or database, write short paragraph, use bullet point & anchor words, never repeat same content again and again. Don’t stretch content, avoid keyword stuffing, describe important points as quick as possible.

Avoiding Invite & calibrate - When you creating something you must show it to people. Advertize it, ask opinions, share the link, find someone who is writing on the same niche, write a guest post for them, and accept exchange post. Expending a group is always good when you want more traffic to your blog. Remember that your art is valuable when you find right audience for it.

Not writing salable content – Internet user when put’s a keyword in the search box; they mostly look for something, some useful info. If you research The trend you can find some frequently searched terms. Some blogger never research & write what they feel is important. This kind of hippy behavior can drown your blogging carrier sooner or later.       

Presentation Error – If you are a blogger then, your prime product should be your text, yes you can use 2 to 3 relevant images in 1000 to 1500 word article but not more than that. If you make this mistake your content will be sideline and Images & graphics will be in central area, this is not good for a blog. Make sure images & videos not sticking. If those things will load slow then your blog will lose traffic. Slow loading blog can never be successful.    

Focus Lost – when we go out, we reaches some ware, but what if we do not know where to go? We will never reach any ware. Same thing applies here in blogging. If you are a new blogger then decide what niche & topic you want to write about. If you looking to be expert in everything, then you will ended up dumb in everything. We can’t expect a successful blog which has some Lifestyle content, some health stuff, some tech tips & some music knowledge. Find a way (Niche) & start Exploring it, Create a useful Content on that particular subject & success is yours. This profession takes time but it gives huge success.    
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