DND Activation How to Stop All Promotional CALL N SMS with 1 Massage

Telecom companies keep sending promotional calls and massages to their user phone. It is quite irritating. When we working or resting suddenly phone ringing, we thought that there is an important call but when we receive it, a recorded tape plays and we get angry. Now if you want to stop all kind of promotional calls and SMS than you can activate DND. Let me tell you this service known as Do Not Disturb. According to TRAI The Indian Telecom Regulation authority we can cancel all kind of unwanted calls & massages within a week.

Let me explain Simple process of DND

Step – 1 switch on you mobile phone. Now go to your massage box. Then create a new massage.

Step – 2 write down, START than give a BLANK SPACE after that write 0

Step – 3 now send this SMS to 1909, within a second you will receive request conformation massage.

Step – 4 now you need to wait for 7 days. Your all unwanted promo calls $ massages will flew away forever.

Finally –

Friends Keep in mind that after START put one blank space then you need to write zero not o. I also want to add that if your telecom service provider does not stop after doing this process then you can complaint in consumer court. If it is proven that service provider brake TRAI rule than they have to pay huge find.

Sometime we do need some offers and some we don’t, in this situation you can contact your service provider for partly promotion activation. Different companies have different rules for this service. So that was it for this short informative article. If you like our content then please share it with your friends and family. And do not forget subscribe our blog for more useful articles.            

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